Wedding Ring Buying Guide

Wedding Ring Buying Guide

Traditionally, a wedding ring was a simple band, usually gold. A quick look in the window of a couple of jewelers will soon tell you that this has changed.

The range of wedding rings now available is huge. The simple gold band is still readily available as are other precious metals bands and some created from multiple metals to create stripes and twists.

In addition to the bands, there are now many designs with stones incorporated. A wedding ring is slightly different from other forms of jewelry as it usually not taken off and therefore has to be practical as well as attractive. Most people will wear their wedding rings while cooking, cleaning and holidaying, so they need to be a sturdy design.

When it comes to ring styles, men usually prefer a simple band. However, that simple band can be transformed into a classic ring using a few artistic designs like carving, engraving personal words, using precious jewels like rubies, diamonds, and turquoise.

As for the ladies, all cuts of diamond is adorable for wedding rings. It can be a princess cut, a solitaire diamond or three-stoned diamond ring. Consider other stones if your budget is limited. Pearls are timeless and classic. You can rarely see a wedding ring made of pearls, so this will be a unique wedding ring for your bride. At Brilliant Earth, they have dedicated to providing their clients with a wide variety of quality wedding rings that they’ll surely cherish for the rest of their lives.

Below is a wedding ring guide to the three most practical and beautiful wedding ring settings.

Bead settingsThis is where the stones are embedding in the wedding band. The stones are small and often accompanied by engraving. The engraving can be as elaborate or simple as you wish. Two popular engravings are either stars around the stones or a floral design which winds around the band and incorporates the stones at the centers of the flowers.

Channel settingsAs the name suggests this is where the stones are held in place by two channels. The stones in this design will usually all be the same size. The style is similar to those used for eternity rings but has recently grown in popularity for wedding rings.

Bezel settingsThis is a very popular way to hold or mount stones onto a band. The stones are held in place by a collar. This style was one of the earliest ways of holding stones in place, and it was later replaced with the prong setting. But, it has now had a big revival and can be found in all jewelers.

Unlike the prong setting which is often used in engagement rings and for solitaires, the above setting is easy to keep clean and comfortable to wear. With the bead and channel settings the stones are completely flush, and with the bezel, the stones are protected and kept clean by the collar.