Lab Diamond Jewelry

Lab Diamond Jewelry

Since the onset of the industrial revolution, precious metals have gained much value in terms of money and in showing loved ones your affection. Most single women dream of a wedding proposal involving the use of sparkling diamond jewelry. You can clarify the notion through the numerous pictures and videos posted online of men proposing and women getting all hysterical about it. Not all proposals are accepted, but these numbers are on the lower side.

In the recent past, this “act of love” was reserved for the elite. Jewelry was processed in bulk, and thus people paid hefty fees to customize it.

Due to technological advancement and the mushrooming of numerous entrepreneurs, you can get a lab diamond jewelry at a relatively lower cost. At Brilliant Earth, they can customize your diamond jewelry to the smallest of details, under your budget.

Why Custom your Ring?Most people like being unique in most aspects of their lives, and you can attribute to this in your own life. This is what customization offers, uniqueness. With a lab diamond jewelry, you have the power to create that special piece of jewelry that will bring a smile whenever you marvel at it.

At Brilliant Earth, they can help you design your diamond from scratch; from a pre-existing design that you like or from a picture depicting what you want. Prepare to be amazed by their quality artisanship in the final jewelry piece. So why compromise if you can get the ring of your dream!

Why Choose Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth considers itself a movement rather than just a business. It is well known that behind every sparkle, is a range of environmental destructions and abuses of human rights. That’s why Brilliant Earth, founded in 2005, is devoted to a more transparent, ethical and sustainable lab jewelry industry.

Considering this, they usually donate 5% of their profits to the victims of the harmful diamond industry.

Moreover, they have a customer care handle, which includes and not limited to: free shipping for both ways; a free 30 days returns policy; FAQs, free lifetime warranty, and a free lifetime diamond upgrade. Talk about irresistible offers.

Once you have a design in mind, submit it to Brilliant Earth for a no obligation free quote. Their custom design specialists will be in touch with you in a few days to go through your ideas.  Conclusion

Getting a custom design is quite easy because it involves you submitting your idea, requesting a custom quote and paying a retainer fee for the work to begin.

What are you waiting for? Show your love for yourself and your cherished ones by getting a lab diamond jewelry that they can cherish for the rest of their lives.