Brilliant Earth Customer Care Review

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No matter how good a brand’s products are, they will never take off unless their customer service is stellar. This is why many young companies perfect the way they handle customers before they expand their inventory. Here is a Brilliant Earth Review of how a fairly young company, has taken care of its many customers over the years.

Free Shipping Both Ways

Brilliant Earth gives customers the option to customize their rings. However, this doesn’t always work out. To help customers who aren’t satisfied, Brilliant Earth shoulders the shipping cost to and from the customers. This prevents customers from settling for a ring when they know they can get a better one.

Free 30-Day Returns and 60 Day Resizes

Brilliant Earth really wants its customers to love their rings. To make sure they always get the exact ring they want, customers also have the option to return or resize their ring. So, if a soon-to-be bride or groom realizes that they have the wrong size or style, they can still get the ring of their dreams in a matter of weeks.

Free Lifetime Warranty

Standing behind the quality of their products, Brilliant Earth ensures that they will repair all damages due to manufacturing. Upon evaluation, they repair damaged rings for free. However, this does not apply to estate and vintage rings, as those rings were made by a different manufacturer.

Free Lifetime Diamond Upgrades

Customers can breathe new life into old rings by upgrading their old loose diamonds from Brilliant Earth. However, this does not apply to lab-created diamonds. Customers can exchange a loose diamond for credit equal to a diamond of at least 50% greater value. If the new diamond can’t be set into the ring of their choice, they may also exchange the loose diamond for precious metal credit.

Brilliant Earth takes pride in the way they treat their customers. This is why customers stay so loyal to the brand!